Connecticut State Intergroup

What is Intergroup ?

Intergroup is an ACA WSO sanctioned assembly of local Connecticut meeting volunteers,devoting their time to help ensure ACA thrives in Connecticut. Ideally every Connecticut ACA meeting will have a active Intergroup representative (IR) that attends the bi-monthly meetings.We are not here to tell you what to do,what to think,how to run your meetings,or what to do with your meetings funds.Intergroup  services the various meetings and community through the following:

  • Serve as  a comprehensive news and information source for ACA’s in Connecticut
  • Carry the message to those who still suffer
  • Support new meetings and meeting development
  • Maintain this website
  • Distribute materials that help ACA’s spread the word
  • Provide literature to meetings
  • Help people find meetings
  • Represent Connecticut to the ACA World Organization (WSO) and help shape policy
  • Help get the word to hospitals and correction facilities
  • and much more

Consider having a IR attend a meeting to share ideas,concerns and your input. Meetings are Saturdays from 10 to 11:30 am.. Meetings for 2018 … March 10 , May 12 , July 14 , Sept 8 , Nov 10.  At the Fellowship Community Church, 24 South RD., Marlborough,CT. ACA literature is available for purchase.