TimeDistanceMeetingLocation / GroupAddressCity/TownDistrictTypes
Monday Loving your Inner Children. Being your own Parent (CT 0138)
United Church of Christ in Devon
30 Ormond St Milford Book Study, Discussion, English, Loving Parent Guidebook, Open
Monday Guilford Meeting (CT 087)
Guilford, CT Guilford Book Study, Discussion, Fellowship Text, Online Meeting
Tuesday Get a Life (CT 051)
Fellowship Community Church
In-person and Online
24 S Rd Marlborough Book Study, Discussion, Online Meeting, Steps
Wednesday Growing In The Light (CT 057)
Ender's Island, Art Building
1 Enders Island Mystic Book Study, Discussion
Wednesday Expect The Best: Men's Meeting (CT0141)
United Presbyterian Church
109 Seaside Ave Milford Book Study, Closed to non-ACAs, Discussion, English, Fellowship Text, Steps, Strengthening My Recovery
Wednesday Strengthening My Program (CT 0133)
Recovery Club
118 Palisado Ave Windsor Book Study, Open
Wednesday A Safe Place (CT 096)
Westport, CT Westport Book Study, Discussion, Online Meeting, Steps
Wednesday Love Over Fear (CT 083)
Oakville Oakville Book Study, Discussion, Online Meeting
Thursday Rejoicing In The Growth (CT 080)
Union Baptist Church
119 High St Mystic Book Study, Steps
Saturday Find Healing & Freedom Through the Steps (CT 0120)
Natchaug Hospital
In-person and Online
189 Storrs Rd Mansfield Center Book Study, Online Meeting, Open, Steps
Saturday Safe Harbor (CT 102)
St Ann's Episcopal Church
82 Shore Rd Old Lyme Big Red Book/Fellowship Text, Book Study, Discussion, English, Open, Wheelchair Accessible
Saturday Nuevo Horizonte (CT0135)
New Haven, CT New Haven Book Study, Online Meeting, Spanish, Speaker