Virtual ACA “The Promises” Workshop

April 18 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

When first entering recovery, many of us find ourselves with a few doubts and reservations. This line of thinking does us no good, only serving as a distraction from the many benefits of working to overcome our challenges caused by life experiences. Nevertheless, the rewards are great, both in quality and quantity. And perhaps nothing outlines these rewards better than the 12 Promises.

This three-session workshop will let you the experience, strength and hope of 6 ACA members.

Join us via Zoom each week.

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April 11
Promises 1 and 2

Promises 3 and 10


April 18
Promises 4 and 5

Promises 6 and 9


May 2
Promises 7 and 8

Promises 11 and 12