Literature and Other Resources

In an effort to carry the message around the world, we are working to provide literature to those who work with adult children professionally. If you are a professional who works with adult children or a facility that helps adult children, we are supplying free literature worldwide.  Therapist/Social Workers etc., can benefit. Any professional who works with adult children can email for literature at no charge. If you are a facility, library, university, mental health clinic, etc. please contact World Service Organization at


Institutions can receive ACA literature at no charge as well. A prison can have literature sent so it will be in their library for the inmates.  A skilled nursing home with adult children can receive literature, as well as an adult child who is housed in a skilled nursing home, or a rehab facility, or a psyche ward.  There are many institutions where adult children can receive literature and institutions that can qualify for the literature for their staff and for their libraries.


To receive free ACA literature, you can email:


Thank you for your good words and for helping to carry the message.